MTVH Voids

Project Overview

In June 2019, Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing (MTVH) instructed to carryout void refurbishments under the Fusion21 Empty Homes Framework. The majority of their void refurbishment is carried out using their own DLO, but they were struggling to manage the volume of works. On instruction, R. Benson was able to respond immediately and commenced on-site works within one week. The scope of works includes:

  • Kitchens & Bathroom Replacement
  • Painting and decorating
  • Replacing flooring
  • Windows and Doors Replacement
  • Non-structural changes to building configuration
  • Electrical testing, remedials and rewires
  • Central heating and boiler replacement

Achieving Milestones

On appointment, we were issued a large number of voids weekly (approximately 10 per week) across the whole London region. R. Benson had not previously worked with the Metropolitan Thames Valley voids teams and was unfamiliar with processes and procedures they used. To facilitate the standing start our senior management team had weekly meetings with the team to establish the management and reporting systems. By working collaboratively, we quickly adapted our processes to align with MTVHs management systems.

Added Value

Using our direct delivery model, we were able to mobilise within one week by allocating the appropriate resource to manage the volume of work. Once the initial backlog of properties was clear the volume of works fluctuated widely each week, our project delivery team hold weekly resource meetings to ensure the project has the correct resource level to ensure completion of all works within the agreed timescales.

Since R. Benson started to deliver voids for MTVH they have continued to deliver a continuous flow of voids. All voids have been handed back on the target dates set and to a high standard. The updates provided by the voids admin team are always prompt, reliable and informative with all the information required, as set out in the start of the contract. Void, Project Works, Disrepair Manager